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Our company start as the abrasive cutting wheel manufacturer, mainly produce 3inch to 16inch thin cutting wheel and 4inch to 9inch grinding wheel. Now we have been exported our products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

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Our factory have more than 20years manufacture experience, mainly produce 4inch green thin cutting wheel,14inch green cutting wheel,16inch green cut off wheel, and other sizes of cutting wheel and grinding wheels.With Research and Design technology, we do OEM products as well. Our production capacity is 400tons of wheel each month.

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Cutting wheel, grinding wheel, diamond polishing wheel,flap disc.



Various metal cutting, stainless steel/INOX cut off, stainless steel and metal polishing, shipbuilding industry, automotive industry, welding, all kinds of machinery polishing.


MPA, EN12413.


Our factory have 30sets of cutting wheel and grinding wheel automatic making machine, equipmed with Oven box 20tons capacity ,automatic packing machine 4 lines.


Asia, India, South America, Middle East, Africa, Russia.


24hours online sales service. One-stop service for buyer, include sample send, customized package design, pre-production sample, sea transport service. Many kinds of payment terms, US Dollar, RMB, EURO currency accept, T/T, L/C accept. FOB,CNF,CIF terms accept. Shipment service, after-sales service, quality tracking for shipped goods, visit customer overseas for business discussion and provide solution.